Thursday, 12 March 2015

Why not a Rwanda Library Association?

As library and information professionals, librarians and library assistants at the University of Rwanda are not the only ones working within the field. And you are not the only ones with questions regarding your profession, your fields of work, or that at times are in need of advice. You most certainly have experience that is of interest for others and worth sharing.

With a nation wide library association, you would have a forum for comunication and cooperation, you would have the possibility to talk with stakeholders and decision makers, share information and promote the development of your profession as well as of information and communication within the country.

In Kenya, the Kenya Association of  Library and Information Professionals (former KLA, Kenya Library Association), has been supported by the Swedish Library Association in buildning it up and making it a stronger actor. If you are intested in developing joint initiatives in Rwanda, it might be a good idea to contact them.

Please check the KLA website and explore the association's activities, objectives and services.

There is an information sheet on the cooperation to download as well, found here. And a presentation from the Swedish Library Association Annual Meeting 2012 here.

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