Monday, 2 March 2015

Evaluation of the cascading workshop in Busogo

The first of the cascading workshops is over. We who facilitated were very impressed by the participants. They worked hard during the three days, asked good questions and were participating actively - just the way you want participants to act. Thank you!

We got very many positive responses to the questions in the evaluation of the workshop.
One of the questions was:
Please specify what you think you will do differently as a result of participating in the event.
And here are some of the answers:

”I will never use Wikipedia or other similar websites as reference”

“Before the workshop I was thinking that I can find any information on google, but now I know other databases”

“I will start using the databases to improve and update the knowledge & skills to teach my students”

“The knowledge & skills gained in the workshop will help both in teaching and research”

“I will start writing papers on my specialization field”

“I will be orienting other lecturers, students and even administrative colleagues to the good methods of using e-resources.”

“I will increase my evaluation of information from google”

“This will help me in my daily duties as a lecturer and to conduct my PhD”

“It will help me to find articles quickly instead of spending a lot of time searching on google only”

“I will tell my students to use the databases especially during their research work”

“I didn’t use to do research and now I’d like to be a researcher”

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  1. Wow, well done Benilde and Anna and the rest of you. Many thanks also to Jean-Claude.