Friday, 27 October 2017

Upcoming activities in the programme

We are happy to share the following upcoming competence building activities in the programme:

October 30-31 2017
The group working with e-resources statistics will meet with Anna Stockman for a hands-on workshop on interpretation of compiled statistics.

November 2017
Dr Ola Pilerot is facilitating an active learning short course on social media and communication for libraries (with question communicated in advance).

January 2018
A workshop with the E-resources Functional Committee (ERFC) facilitated by Anna Stockman. The purpose of the workshop is, among other things, to continue working with e-resources trouble-shooting and a marketing plan for e-resources.

February 2018
A follow-up workshop on web content management and the library website. (Date to be confirmed.)

We are also planning for a workshop in bibliometrics for librarians before June 2018.

Trainings in information literacy and reference management for academic staff will also continue during the program period.

We are ready to continue working with all functional committees. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Veronica Trépagny and Anna Stockman

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