Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Anti-plagiarism workshop November 1st 2017

20 librarians have been invited to a workshop about plagiarism at Gikonde campus and the facilitator will be Anna Stockman from Blekinge Institute of Technology.

Te aim of the workshop is for the participants to get a deeper knowledge of the notion "plagiarism" and to explore the role of the library in avoiding plagiarism at the university.

The workshop consists of three parts:

1) A brief overview of citations and references in academic documents 
2) A presentation of what can be considered plagiarism and how it can be avoided 
3) A brief overview of how plagiarism is detected and what consequences it can have at UR.

Thashmee Karunaratne at Stockholm University, Sweden, has trained teaching staff at UR in anti-plagiarism and some of the materials developed by her will be used at the workshop.

You who have been invited are most welcome.

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