Thursday, 13 March 2014

Information literacy. Two workshops for UR librarians facilitated by BTH

Workshop in two parts for librarians from the UR libraries. Part one in December 2013 and part two in March 2014.

The theme of the workshops is learning objectives for Information literacy.
The aim is that the participants should produce a Program for teaching of Information literacy, related to their own context, where learning objectives and content are combined in a logical way.
The following presentations have been done:

Information literacy at UR, workshop 1 2013

Information literacy at UR, workshop 2 2014

Some of the articles discussed during the workshops are:

Dillon, C., 2005. Learning outcomes: making learning and teaching explicit. Health Information & Libraries Journal, 22(2), pp.156–159.
(which you can find in Wiley)

Hulett, H. et al., 2013. Information Literacy at University: A Toolkit for Readiness and Measuring Impact. Australian Academic & Research Libraries, 44(3), pp.151–162.
(which you can find in EBSCO - Academic Search Premier)

Johnston, B. & Webber, S., 2004. The role of LIS faculty in the information literate university: taking over the academy? New Library World, 105(1/2), pp.12–20.
(which you can find in Emerald)

Shannon, S., & Winterman, B., 2012. Student comprehension of primary literature is aided by companion assignments emphasizing pattern recognition and information literacy. Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship, (68). doi:10.5062/F4TB14TS
(available for free on the web)

Photos: Anna Stockman, BTH

/ Anna Stockman, Librarian, Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH)

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