Wednesday, 19 March 2014

About the doctoral programme

The doctoral programme at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science (SSLIS) at the University of Borås (UB) consists of four years full time research studies. There are compulsory courses, such as theories in library and information science and research methods, and the possibility for the doctoral students to choose courses benefiting their own more specific research areas. Doctoral students are assigned one supervisor and one co-supervisor.

The cooperation between the University of Rwanda (UR) and the UB, will allow two doctoral students from the UR to study in Sweden. There is a process at the UR, where it is decided which applicants will get funding, and there is also a normal application process at the UB, since the applicants need to live up to the requirements for doctoral studies.

The doctoral studies will be conducted in what is called a "sandwich mode", since the candidates will spend the first and last year full time in Sweden, while years two and three are split between periods in Sweden and longer periods in Rwanda. The main supervisor is from SSLIS, while there will also be a local/regional supervisor. 

Information on doctoral studies in general at the university of Borås is found here

/ Veronica Trépagny, Team Leader, SSLIS. 

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