Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Anti-plagiarism workshop, links to further reading

Hear are some links to resources which were used before and during the anti-plagiarism workshop in Gikondo.

  • The UR library web site has information on referencing and plagiarism. There you can find manuals for some of the most common referencing styles.
  • Short film (5:31) on Youtube describing Creative commons
  • Refero, an anti-plagiarism tutorial
  • Free photos on Pexels
  • Guiding students away from plagiarism by Jude Carroll and Carl-Mikael Zetterling
  • A lot more material is available in the anti-plagiarism course on the e-learning platform of UR. Contact Instructional technology for access. They have also invited the library to participate in the course which is taught regularly.

Thank you, all participants and organizers, for work well done and a fun time, especially playing True or False!

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