Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Cascading workshops at UR-CAVM

Time for training - cascading workshop
This week we will have the first in a series of cascading workshops.
Researchers and lecturers in agriculture and related fields have been invited to UR-CAVM to learn more about e-resources and how to find information related to their topics and interests. It's not a question of merely sensitizing the participants, hands-on practice is an important part.

The facilitator is an experienced librarian from the Huye campus, Benilde Mukarybayiza, who has participated in many of the trainings organized by the UR-Sweden Programme. She has a long experience of training researchers and lecturers in Huye.
Anna Stockman, from the BTH library in Sweden, will be co-facilitating.

See also the UR-CAVM website,

So, what makes this a cascading workshop?
The idea of a cascading workshop is that it will be repeated. The first time an experienced librarian will develop a workshop for academic staff and facilitate it. At the workshop this week, the experienced librarian is Benilde Mukarubayiza. A few other UR librarians are invited. In this case we have invited four librarians from CAVM, Busogo and Nyangatare campus. The will participate and learn both:
  • about the resources and
  • how to train researchers
The next time we arrange this workshop for researchers and lecturers we hope that some of the four librarians can co-facilitate. Eventually they will facilitate workshops themselves.
At those future workshops, more UR librarians will be invited. This way the knowledge about resourcdes and training will "cascade".

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