Thursday, 16 October 2014

Library Management Short Course at the UR

The realisation of the academic year's first short courses is approaching. Monday 20th to Wednesday 22nd three days facilitated and taught by Professor Elena Maceviciute from the Swedish School of Library and Information Science will be devoted to Library Management. Tuve Nordius will then teach Basic Technology from Wednesday 22nd to Friday 24th.

Those of you whom are not on the list this time -- we have planned for the teachers to come back in a year.

Outputs of the Library Management course are:

1) Insights regarding important work tasks in a modern university library;
2) Insights regarding how the librarian can organize and evaluate work on every position in a library;
3) Basic competence in producing a plan, mapping collections, designing an evaluation instrument, brainstorming and decision-making;
4) Identification of managerial aspects in library work.
 Information on the other short course, Wednesday 22nd to Friday 24th will be provided shortly.

Veronica Trépagny, Team Leader at SSLIS

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