Friday, 27 June 2014

REMINDER Information Literacy Workshops

This is another reminder to participants in the Information Literacy workshops with UR librarians organized in Butare in December 2013 and Kigali in March 2014 and facilitated by Kent Petersson and Anna Stockman.

An aim of the workshops was for the participants to produce an own programme for teaching of information literacy, related to their own contexts and where learning objectives and content are combined.

The facilitators are still curious to know how your work is doing and we are all interested in its results. Should you have any questions on what we expect you to produce, please do not hesitate to contact Kent or Anna.

Please remember that the tasks are designed  to be useful for you and your colleagues in your working environments and in the end to the development of a modern research library!

Proofs of attendance to the workshops will be issued.

/Veronica Trépagny, Team Leader

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