Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Application information soon to be published

Master's Programme Digital Libraries and Information Services
The information below is copied from the University of Borås website and its information on the master's programme that is open to international students and which is included in our cooperation with two spots in September 2014, two in September 2015 and at least two in September 2016. 
Digital librarians are a part of the traditional library work and increasingly work with digital only libraries. Their major tasks involve management, leadership, digital collection development and website-related tasks. Digital librarians must be able to adapt to change and continue to learn.
Professional digital librarians are required to have more breadth and depth of knowledge and skills across the dimensions of traditional library knowledge, technology, and human relations. Because of the complexity of digital libraries and digital library projects, our  Master’s programme provides not only basic technology related and traditional library competence, but also emphasises management issues including project management issues. Practicing digital librarians are involved in the programme and share their experience with the students. The study programme also pays attention to the development of interpersonal and communication skills and integration of practical skills and experience with digital collection management and digital technologies.
The studies take place in a distance mode with meetings/residential periods at the University of Borås. [For the library programme: teaching periods in Rwanda with one residential in Sweden.]
Communication between the students and teachers is maintained mainly through the e-learning platform PING PONG. Therefore, the students must have access to a computer with a broadband connection and other equipment according to the instructions on our website. 
Veronica Trépagny, Team leader at SSLIS

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